An Open Letter

Threefold for Our Communities

Why I Launched The
“Threefold for Our Communities” Pledge

Covid was a wake-up call for me.

Before Covid, as an introvert, I valued my alone time. However, after pivoting our business 100% remote working and living through extended periods of lockdown, I found a new appreciation and need for human connection.

Now, with the rise of things like AI and remote work, the need for staying human and connected to our Communities is more important than ever.

With the need for staying human and connected as context, I began to view the charitable giving we’ve always done in a different light. Instead of reacting to requests for help (there are many), I wanted to be more intentional with our giving.

I believe that the Entrepreneurial Spirit of our business Community has an important and unique role to play in our society, promoting and improving the Communities (of place, interest, identity, and need) that matter to us.

We pledge to
pay-forward 1%
“off the top”
of our
Time, Talent, & Treasure
into the Communities that matter most to us.

Why “threefold”? I believe it’s not enough to just give money. Writing a cheque is easy. I believe in paying-forward the 3 aspects of giving: Time, Talent, and Treasure.

This transforms the act of reacting to requests for donation into intentional giving that enriches the Communities that matter to us. We’re paying forward from our business with time and expertise, use of infrastructure, and direct monetary donations.

I’ve set this up as an invitation to other businesses who see value in the Threefold for our Communities Pledge to join in. Joining is free and easy.

To Your Prosperity,

Scott Gingrich

Scott Gingrich
Chief Marketing Strategist | CEO