Customer Spotlight

Dana Van Berkel @ Your Digital Classroom

Your Digital Classroom is an online platform that teaches children’s safety programs, which are: Stranger Danger; Internet Safety & Bullying 101, The Home Alone Course with First Aid and The Babysitters Course. 

What’s a fun fact about you that people don’t know?

A fun fact about me is that I love anything tiny, houses, spaces, dogs, miniature items, I love them all. I have explored living in a tiny home or owning a tiny cottage in the future. 

What’s the smartest thing you’ve done in your business?

The smartest thing I did with my business was put my courses online. I used to only teach my courses in a classroom setting only.  About 5 years ago, I decided to put my courses into an online platform with the help of Jen and Scott. This was especially helpful as the pandemic would have entirely shut my business down if I had not have had the courses online. 

If you could give your younger self ONE piece of advice, what would it be?

If I could give myself one piece of advice it would be to follow your heart, it always has your best interests at heart:) 

What do you wish every Client knew about doing business with you?

I wish that each client that does business with us will know that we will be teaching your child safety that we had been teaching, changing and adapting, for the last 20 years. Times are changing for the youth of today and we have adapted our teachings to accommodate this. Our motto is that teaching your child safety is one of the most important things you can do because Seconds Save Lives!