Website Maintenance That Keeps Your
Website Humming So You Can
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Security, performance, 24/7 monitoring, backups and more

Your website is an essential marketing asset, promoting your brand and bringing you Customers and revenue. With our care plan, you can rest easy knowing that there’s a team keeping it running 24/7.

We’ve got your back

At the core of GravityStack’s DNA is having an online presence that gets you the customers you deserve. For us, that means going beyond just making sure your website is up and running. We’re here to give you the ideas and advice you need to win online.

Daily Vigilance

While your website might look the same day to day, under the hood there’s a lot going on: software updates, ceaseless attempts to hack into it and ever-evolving server technology. That’s all stuff that we look after every day for you.

Help when you need it

When things go bump, we’re here to help. We’re experts in WordPress websites and online marketing. Whether it’s a “how do I?” or something’s gone wrong with your website, we’re here.

Peace Of Mind Comes Standard With Our Website Maintenance.

At the heart of our website care plans is peace of mind. We geek out on all the “under the hood” technical details that ensure your website is up and running 24/7.


Every day, bad actors and bots are probing your website (yes, your website) looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. We wrap your website with multiple layers of security to keep your website safe.


The software the powers your WordPress website is constantly being updated: new features, bug fixes and patching security vulnerabilities. Every day, we check your website for updates that need to happen.


Sometimes things go “bump”: an upgrade screws up your site, a website gets hacked. That’s where having reliable backups is critical. We have both nightly backups (with 30 days of history) and secondary offsite backups.


When you’ve got questions or need help with your website, you’ve got access to our WordPress Pros. And if we can answer it or resolve it in under 10 minutes, it’s FREE.


For as long as you’re on a website care plan with us, any work that we do for you (does not include software bugs) is backed by a free warranty. Simply, we’ll make it right at not charge.


Access to over $900 worth of top-rated commercial plugin licenses: Security, Backup, Form Builder, Galleries, Page Builders, Pro themes, Social Share and more. Access to these licenses is included FREE as long as you’re on one of our web care plans.

Simple, Affordable Pricing

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Yes! WordPress is the world’s #1 platform for building websites; nearly 40% of ALL websites in the world are built on WordPress! And for good reason—it’s an amazing platform.

That also makes it the #1 target for hackers. Your website is being probed multiple times a day, every day, by these hackers and their malicious bots. These automated bots go after every website they find, not just the “big guys”. And they aren’t just trying to hack into WordPress but also the 1000s of plugins that are used in WordPress websites.

A web care plan makes sure your software is all up to date, your website secured, and reliable backups are in place.

The short answer is YES!

The longer answer is, it depends. If you’re interested in a long-term relationship with us and we’re a good fit , then yes!

Depending on the current state of your WordPress website and how much work is required to bring it up to our standards, there may be a one-time fee for that initial work. Before committing, we’d give you a price for that work. And before doing any work, our very first step is to make sure we’ve got a good backup of your site. Transfers to our server are FREE.

Anyone on a web care plan has access to technical support.

If there’s an issue with work we’ve done, it’s covered at no charge to you under WARRANTY. This does not include any bugs or issues with plugins or 3rd party software.

For regular websites (e.g., a Lead Generation website), if we can resolve it or answer it in under 10 minutes, it’s FREE. (And there’s a lot we can resolve/answer in 10 minutes!).

For more complex sites (e.g., WooCommerce, membership, online courses) technical support is provided at our $100/hr rate.

No. You should always have full ownership and control of your domain name. We advise you to have your own account with your domain registrar and pay them directly for your domain name. Websites can easily be replaced but if you lose ownership and control of your domain name, you lose your internet presence. We can help you for a fee.

We’ve seen some web design companies register a domain name for their Clients (under the guise of keeping things simple for their Clients) but when it comes time to leave that web designer, those Clients are forced to pay $500 and more for the privilege of getting their domain name.

All that said, we do monitor your domain for when it expires so we can give you a heads up. And we’ll certainly help you with domain registration and renewal. Your domain renewal date is included on your monthly web care report.

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