Stop Losing Leads:
Increase Conversion by 147%

98% of your website visitors are just browsing. Use remarketing to ensure they return when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Right Place, Wrong Time

When was the last time you went on a website for the first time ever and were immediately ready to make a purchase?

Odds are, unless you had done a lot of research beforehand about the product or service you were looking for, it was a long time ago — or possibly never. 

Marketing experts say it takes seven “touches” with a prospective lead before they’re ready to respond to a call of action. That’s why marketing is so focused on repetition and visibility — if you see an ad once, you forget about it. If you see it five times, you may start looking into the company, even if it’s just from sheer curiosity.

The same principle applies to digital marketing. Even if you’ve poured money and time into paid traffic campaigns and SEO to get visitors to your site, the majority of those visitors aren’t ready to commit — even if they’re perfect candidates for your product or service.

Turn “Just Looking”
Into Conversions

The fact is, on first exposure, most of your website’s visitors are “just looking.” They want to see what you have to offer, and then they leave — usually to do more research and compare your product to competitors.

This doesn’t mean they don’t like your product or wouldn’t be open to buying it. They just need some more time to think about it, or they aren’t in a position where it makes sense to buy just yet.

That’s why it’s important to follow up with them — so you can stick in their minds and stay fresh once they do want to make a decision.

But how do you do that with anonymous web traffic?

Capture the Full Potential of Your Current Web Traffic With Remarketing

Have you ever looked up something like “Hotels” and then started seeing ads for hotels everywhere online?

Although it may seem like this is accomplished through secret listening devices on your phone or possibly just magic, it’s actually done very easily through Google Ads’ remarketing tool.

With Google’s remarketing tool, people who come to your website are “tagged” so they start seeing ads for your services all across the web — giving you the opportunity to create multiple touch points without requiring leads to input information or go through a funnel. 

This makes potential customers much more likely to revisit your site once they’re ready to make a purchase or sign up for a resource.

And the best part of this technique? Not only is it highly targeted, it’s also incredibly economical. Only the people who come to your site will see these ads, and you only pay Google when they click on that ad and revisit your site.

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Who Remarketing Is Right for — and Who It Isn’t

While remarketing is a standard tool in most company’s marketing toolbox, there are some instances where it doesn’t make sense.

Usually, if your website is already getting at least 100 visitors per month, remarketing is a great way to make full use of those visitors.

If you’re getting less than 100 visitors per month, you should probably focus on attracting initial traffic before using remarketing.

Take the Guesswork Out of Remarketing With GravityStack

If you’re already managing a full set of marketing campaigns, adding remarketing to the mix might make things a little too hectic.

That’s why GravityStack is offering remarketing services that take 100% of the guesswork and busywork out of the equation.

When you sign up for remarketing services through GravityStack, you get:

  • Complete campaign setup
  • Regular monitoring and optimizing
  • Quarterly review memos
  • A comprehensive results dashboard: See your remarketing campaign metrics and results in real time, such as clicks and cost

Plus, we track who comes to your site because of remarketing ads so you know that it’s working!

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