Attract The Best Clients With A
Google Ads Campaign

ROI focused ad campaigns with daily List of leads generated,
including Name & Phone Numbers!

Imagine having a steady, predictable flow of Leads coming your way. What impact does that have on your business—on your lifestyle—12 months from now? And think about how much better life will be not having to worry about where your next Client is coming from?

Be Careful! It’s Easy to
Blow a LOT of Money on Google Ads!

The fastest (like overnight fast) way to get to the top of Google is to buy your way there with a Google Ads campaign. And you want to be at the top because the Best Clients don’t waste their time going to page two of search results.

But, it’s easy to blow a lot of money on Google Ads, fast.

The Nasty Truth That Will Burn Through Your Budget If You Don’t Know Better

Google is getting very good at artificial intelligence. If you’ve done any reading on Google Ads, you’ve probably heard of their automated or “smart” bidding strategies. Basically, let Google optimize your ad spend for you.

But, and this is a BIG BUT, there’s a very nasty truth that most aren’t telling you (and frankly, most Google Ad practitioners don’t know about).

For Google’s automated bidding machine to work, it needs data to feed on. That means you need at least 50 conversions a month. That’s 50 LEADS (phone calls, form submissions) per month for it to work. Without that, Google can’t get out of learning mode and you’re just burning money. And 50 phone calls from a Google Ad campaign for a kitchen renovation or family counsellor just isn’t realistic.

google ads

Google’s automated bidding does not work for the typical Local Professional.

Anyone can buy clicks from Google but you can’t take clicks to the bank. Your Google Ads campaign needs to generate Best Clients PROFITABLY.

The good news is that we know how to set winning bids because we specialize in Google Ads for Local Professionals. We know how to maximize smaller budgets and conversion volumes.

The “Secret Sauce” To A Profitable Google Ads Campaign

When people are looking for a Local Professional, they’re turning to Google. We can place highly targeted ads in front of those people and bring them to your website. The “secret sauce” behind a profitable Google Ads campaign is to continually optimize for Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). That means optimizing your Google Ads campaign so you get the Best Clients for the lowest price.

google ads
google ads

Is A Paid Traffic Campaign Right For Me?

Let’s be clear. Paid traffic campaigns aren’t for everyone. There are two essential elements that—as a minimum—must be in place for you to consider investing money into a paid traffic campaign:

  1. Margin. Running Google Ads costs money. You need to have a large enough margin to handle that cost and still leave plenty of money on the table for you. If you’re selling low dollar, low margin services then a paid-traffic program is likely not right for you. (And it’s probably time to come talk to us about making improvements to the economics of your business model!)
  2. Conversion. Lots of great traffic going to a page that is a big ZERO in turning them into a Lead is a giant waste of money. It’s critical that the traffic you’re buying is going to a landing page that has been engineered to convert them into Leads.

When you book your free info meeting with us, you’ll see exactly how you can replace your anaemic “hope the phone rings today” strategy with one that delivers a consistent and measurable flow of Leads.

plus $450 setup fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional campaigns/services are billed extra according to the plan you’re on:

  • Basic: $50 each
  • Standard: $100 each
  • Advanced: $150 each

No. There are no long-term contracts. You only pre-pay 1 month at a time.

That depends on several factors which we’ll discuss in your free info meeting. That said, most of our Local Professional Clients in the Standard or Advanced package typically start with an ad spend of $1,000 to $2,000.

Sending ads with very specific targeting and offers to general web pages results in low conversions. Matching specific ads to specific landing pages can have a big improvement on conversions. That’s why we recommend having landing pages.

They’re included FREE in our Advanced package.

Otherwise, we charge $650 to write and design a landing page. Creating and testing variations of a landing page is FREE while we’re running your campaigns.

Having a landing page that allows us to experiment and optimize conversions can have a BIG impact on the success and ROI of your Google Ads campaign.

Guaranteed Leads from Google Ads

31 Leads, Guaranteed.

IF YOU are a Local Professional with $200,000+ in sales and

  1. Have a service worth $1,500+,
  2. Spend at least $1,500/month on ad spend,
  3. Allow us reasonable creative freedom to run your Google Ads campaign,
  4. Hire us for a minimum of 4 months,
  5. Pay the agreed upon fees,

          THEN    you’ll get at least 31 Leads in the first 4 months.

    OR ELSE    we will accept your choice of these penalties:

  1. We will work for free until we have, OR
  2. We will refund part, or all of your fees paid to us for the initial 4-month term—whatever you think is fair for the value you received—and we will respectfully part ways.

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