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Your Gravity Score Shows You
How To Attract The Best Customers

There’s a lot of hype and wrong information about what it takes to win online, especially for local businesses. After working with 100’s of Local Professionals & Contractors over the past 16+ years, we’ve seen first-hand what it actually takes to get the Best Customers.

We’ve taken that experience and distilled it into our own predictive algorithm we call Gravity Score.

This free Quiz version is a simplified, “back of the napkin” version of the full Gravity Score we do for our Clients. (The full Gravity Score we do for our Clients has 78 factors and takes over 6 hours to do.)

But don’t let the simplicity fool you. This free 3-minute Quiz gives you a solid idea of where you are and what you need to work on to have the Gravity that attracts the Best Customers to you.

A Gravity Score

Grav·i·ty noun | ˈgra-və-tē

: the market force that draws the Best Clients to you.

TWO Bonuses To Help You Market Better

#1 – Personalized Blueprint

Your Gravity Score is the key to unlocking your personalized Blueprint.

Know what needs to change to increase your Gravity Score and attract the Best Customers.

#2 – Implementation Tips

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