There’s never been a better time…

With Joomla On Life Support,
Now’s The Time To Move Joomla To WordPress

(98% of the world already has)

Even The Joomla Developers Are Jumping Ship…

“Jump in, the water’s nice!”

In the last 10 years, WordPress has gone from powering 13% of the world’s websites to a whopping 43%, leaving Joomla on life support at a meager 1.7%. At that rate, there won’t be much left of Joomla in 5 years!

And it shows.

Joomla 4 was originally planned to be released in 2018. If you did the math, that’s 3 years late.

And we’re not surprised: Most of the major Joomla extension developers have jumped ship to WordPress because they saw their Joomla customer base evaporating. All the innovation is jumping over to WordPress.

Our Recommendation: If you’re planning to be active in business for the next 5 years and you’re running Joomla, then it’s high time to make the switch to WordPress.

My Joomla Site Started to Fail…

After having a Joomla site for years, some of the extensions needed for the site to run were no longer supported and errors started to creep in. It was time to convert to WordPress. We kept the look and feel, but completely revamped the backend with better plugins and tools. Now my site is super-fast, has better SEO and provides a much better experience for my customers. GravityStack is helping me get more customers!
Glen Dawson (switched July 2021)

And We’re Making It EASY To Switch

EASY. We’ve already done several Joomla to WordPress conversions and have the process pretty well worked out. We can bring over your content (including pictures and comments), users, re-create important functionality in WordPress, and give it a spiffy mobile-optimized facelift.

Why We Insist on WordPress for All Our Web Design (and You Should Too)…

  • FREEDOM. Don’t get locked in with a proprietary system; you’re free to move your site wherever you want.
  • INTEGRATIONS. All the top marketing platforms have “plug & play” integrations with WordPress.
  • EASY. WordPress makes it easy to update pages yourself.
  • PLUGINS. From Galleries to Events to full-blown eCommerce, WP has it!
  • SUPPORT. With over 42% of ALL websites in the world running WordPress, it’s easy to find people to support you.
  • SEO. With WordPress, we can do amazing Search Engine Optimization to get your site ranked!

$350 Bonus!
Stack Your New Website With a Web Care Plan

You’re going to need a web care plan to keep your new WordPress site running at peak performance: hosting, security, technical support, warranty and more.

And to make it easy, we’re giving you $350 towards your choice of web care plan. That means you can get 1-year of the standard plan for FREE . Or, use your $350 towards upgrading to the Leader Plan and get things like unlimited site updates and a total website refresh every 2 years.

Interested In Switching?

If you’re at all interested, then let us know and we’ll:

  • size-up your site
  • find out what other changes you want to make
  • give you a no-obligation quote
  • answer all your questions

Just fill out the form, email, or call Jen at (705) 792-7155.