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Use Proof In Your Marketing To Be Believed

Why should I believe you?

We live in a world of hyper claims, especially online. This is the era of #fakenews, style over substance, and competing expert opinions. We see it with an endless array of shiny objects and ideas du jour: diets, fashion, marketing methods, vaccination recommendations, gizmos, gadgets, and just about everything else.

The result? Apart from the gullible (and aren’t we all at least occasionally!), there’s a wariness to believe anything online. Fortunately, local businesses are somewhat insulated from all this hype skepticism, but not entirely.

Proof Is A Quick & Easy Way To Get More Clients

An important part of marketing is being able to make a solid claim that you can fix the problem, scratch the itch, or deliver the experience. However, claims, in and of themselves, are empty. If you’re going to convert people from visitors/lookers to Clients, then you need to make your case.

And there’s no more powerful way to make your case than to PROVE IT. By just improving the proof in your marketing, you can quickly and easily get more Clients.

If Prospects can see that you have a track record of doing what you say you’ll do, you’ve just checked a major checkbox in their mental decision-making process.

Examples of Proof To Use In Your Marketing

Your marketing material, and especially your website, needs to provide ample examples of PROOF. You should use as many ways to show proof as possible:

  • Testimonials (on your website, Google Reviews)
  • Case studies that showcase a Client’s problem, your solution, and the outcome.  
  • Before & After pictures.
  • Samples of your work (portfolios, galleries)
  • Stats (years in business, # of hamburgers sold, # of Clients)
  • Certifications 
  • Endorsements, especially from people who are well known (at least locally).

Double-Down On Your Marketing Proof

Here are 3 quick exercises to get you started:

  1. How does your proof compare to your competitors? Pull up the website of your top 3 competitors and look at the proof they’ve got on their website. If the quantity and quality of proof on your website isn’t significantly better than theirs, you’ve got work to do!
  2. Find the low hanging fruits of proof. Look at the list of proof ideas above. Which ones do you already have? Which ones can you get easily? Which ones can you put a bit of effort into getting? Maybe you already have proof and you’re not using it?
  3. Look at the main pages of your website. Are you using all the proof you could be? Websites are one of the easiest marketing media to make changes to on the fly.

PROOF is one of the biggest levers of conversion there is.
By investing just a little bit of time to shore up your proof,
you could make a big impact to your bottom-line.

What’s Your Gravity Score?

Find Out What It Takes To Get The Best Clients

The Top 3 Professionals in your city have an unfair advantage in the market. It’s unfair because the Top 3—regardless of how good you are—get 80% of all the Best Clients.

Your Gravity Score tells you how much gravitational pull you currently have in your market. It’s also your marketing blueprint that shows you exactly what you need to work on and in what order to achieve coveted Top 3 status and get the Best Clients Advantage.

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