Go With A Printed Offer To Increase Networking Conversions

Have you been to a networking event like a Chamber of Commerce Business After 5? How many leads did you come home with? Sure, you may have talked to a few people, shook hands with familiar faces, and stood around awkwardly for a while, but how many LEADS did you come home with?

I’ve known two master networkers in my life. These people had no fear. When they arrived at a networking event, they were hungry for leads. They had a mission to book as many follow-up meetings as possible. Truly, it was awesome to watch.

For the rest of us mortals, not so much.

That’s why this hack is so brilliant. You don’t have to be a master networker. This hack works even for the shyest wallflowers. I’ve used the hack to generate many Leads and Clients over the years. It’s an easy and automatic way to differentiate yourself from everyone else they’ll talk to at the event.

But don’t let the simplicity of this method fool you. I’ve made $10’s of thousands of dollars from this simple little hack.

Go With A Printed Offer

It’s customary to politely exchange business cards when you meet someone at a networking event or business meeting. And once someone puts your card in their pocket, it’s almost never seen or acted on again. You can change that by putting an offer on it.

When I exchange business cards, I don’t just hand mine over. While passing the card, I turn it over for them and point out the offer on the back. This interrupts the polite exchange ritual and plants a seed of curiosity in the mind of the receiver. If they’re at all a qualified Prospect for you, a conversation about the offer will ensue.

This is a great opportunity to link to your Lead Magnet on your website. (You do have one, right?)

You’ve just dramatically increased your chances of them taking action on your offer. You also now have a reason to contact them. You can email them with the link to your offer.

I pulled out a couple of examples from the archives; Here’s what my very first business card offer looked like:

Later, when I realized that many networking events had a “Networking Table” where people could put a stack of their business cards, rack cards, brochures, etc. I developed what I called my “Networking Card”. It was a double-sided postcard sized offer:

When those URLs worked, the “/17” was specially coded so I could track them back to these printed networking offers. That’s how I could measure their effectiveness.

These days, with the rise of remote and working across the Province, I don’t do much networking. But, when I do have the opportunity to exchange business cards, I still include an offer:

How easy is that?!

By simply including an offer on your business card or creating your own Networking Card, you set yourself apart with a conversation starter. You give people a reason to enter your funnel (offer on your website). You now have a reason to follow-up with the people you meet. Your conversion rate for networking events goes up.

Go with a printed offer.

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