Control Line Breaks In Your Headlines For
More Impact

Your headline is often the very first piece of information visitors process. With a little attention to how you lay out your headline, you can increase it’s readability and impact.

Back in the days before web pages and online advertising, copywriters were very intentional in how they laid out their headlines for maximum psychological effect. It’s a little trickier to do online, but I believe it’s still very worth the effort.

Perhaps the easiest way to explain is to show you what I mean. Take a look at these two headline layouts:

example of headline without intentional wrapping

and compare it to:

example of headline with intentional line break

Instead of just allowing the headline to wrap whichever way it wants, it becomes visually more balanced, easier to read, and more impactful. This is especially powerful for people skimming content (about 60% of website visitors only skim content).

Whenever possible, start your lines with a very or noun. In the example above, starting the sentence with “focus” is much more impactful than “your”; it’s like an embedded command.

TIP: Pay attention to how the lines break on different sized screens. Notebooks and mobile devices will wrap very differently. With a little bit of code, you can control how lines break on different devices.

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