I wish I could tell you that all our Clients are Top 3 Clients that have their pick of Best Clients.

I can’t.

The damning confession is that only a fraction of our Clients has achieved Top 3 status.

Sure, our Clients who aren’t in the Top 3 are still happy. Turns out having a nice website or showing up better in Google suits them just fine. They’re happy to give us a 5-star review.

But I’m not happy with it because I know life could be so much better for them.

We may have delivered what they asked for, what they thought they needed. But we didn’t change their world the way I know we could. They couldn’t see they were stuck in the same “me too” game everyone else is in. The hamster wheel just keeps turning.

I take responsibility for that: For not clearly communicating the game board and a clear path to winning the game.

>>>And it bugged the hell out of me<<<

The problem kept stewing in my brain. I kept trying to improve our services. Make things better. Work on my explanations. Educate more. We kept making improvements and were darned good at “one upmanship” marketing…but I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to create breakthroughs for my Clients.

Then Covid hit.

I knew that this was a historic opportunity for businesses, whether suffering or benefiting, to PIVOT. This was my chance to dig in and finally solve the problem:

Why did some businesses become Top 3 Clients when others couldn’t break out of brute-forcing their way through yet another day? (Even with the spiffy new website we built them!)

With my Sherlock hat on and magnifying glass in hand, I spent the Summer of 2020 doing a forensic marketing audit of 312 Clients from the past 16 years. I looked at who succeeded and who didn’t…and WHY. What was it about the ones who broke into the Top 3?

It wasn’t the quality of web design. It wasn’t the SEO. It wasn’t the Google Ads Campaign. Those were important ingredients, but there was something more. I would look at two businesses that should both be doing well. But they weren’t. One would be getting the Best Clients while the other struggled. I kept looking for the magic ingredient, the “one thing”, the difference that made the difference. Despite a lot of mulling, I just couldn’t find that missing piece.

My “A-ha” Moment

Then it hit me. In my mind’s eye, I saw all these important pieces come together to create one new, bigger, better picture. A-ha! It wasn’t one thing. It was many things that came together to form a synergistic whole. (The sum of the parts is greater than the whole.) And when those pieces come together in just the right way, it creates a marketing presence that has an attractive force all its own.

We Run On Gravity

Grav·i·ty noun | ˈgra-və-tē

: the market force that draws the Best Clients to you.

It’s the game-changing dimension that’s missing from all that “me too” advertising. It’s the “thing” that ties all of your marketing together: your website, your ads, your social media, your vehicle wrap…all of it.

When all your marketing pieces are put together the right way, you generate game-changing Gravity. And once you have Gravity, the tables turn in your favour, you start doing circles around the other Clients stuck in “me too” marketing, and the Best Clients are drawn to you like iron filings to a magnet.

Gravity turns the “me too” sales game on its head and
instead of chasing Prospects, gets the Prospects chasing you.

By the time I was done, I had identified 78 different factors, some more important than others, that come together to generate Gravity.

But I wasn’t done…

Made in Ontario Logo

I ran my Clients through the algorithm, tweaking the factors and weighting until it predicted—every time—whether a business was a Top 3 Player or struggled. The first version of Gravity Score was born. (It even qualified for the “Made in Ontario” manufacturer’s designation!)

Game changer!

Not only does it predict who will attract the Best Clients, it cuts through all the Bullsh*t of marketing and tells it like it is. No more guessing.

No more half solutions. It lays out the whole game board, where you are on the game board, and what you need to do to win the game.

There are 3 main parts of your Gravity Engine:

Gravity Engine
  1. Strategy. Powerfully position yourself in front of the right Prospects at the right time and with the right message.
  2. Funnel. Your website is the hub of your online presence. All marketing roads (should) lead to your website. When a Prospect lands on your website, they need to be greeted with a clear message that “meets them where they’re at” and guides them into your own private marketing game.

  3. Traffic. With your strategy and website ready to welcome Prospects, it’s time to “hang out your shingle” and draw those Best Clients to you. Traffic sources can range from online (showing up in Google Search, running Facebook Ads) to offline (newspaper ads, vehicle wraps).

Now that we had this powerful tool, we could never look at marketing the same. The world was no longer flat! I couldn’t keep doing business as usual. Playing “one upmanship marketing in a me-too game” was no longer an option!

Sometimes you just need to tear it all down and build it back new.

I remember sitting down with my wife at the height of the Covid Crisis and telling her we needed to entirely reinvent our business. Not just tweak it. Not improve it. But change everything about it. So, in the middle of dealing with a 30% surge in sales and worried that the sky might actually be falling,

Our Entire Business Around Gravity!

Scott Gingrich
Scott Gingrich
Partner & Chief Marketing Officer

Hi, my name is Scott Gingrich.

I’m the Chief Marketing Officer and Partner at GravityStack Marketing.

GravityStack offers a complete stack of Gravity-growing digital marketing solutions specially designed for Residential Clients. We get your phone to ring with qualified Prospects who have sought you out and are eager to do business with you.

Since 2005, we’ve worked with 100’s of local businesses and see firsthand what’s working and what’s not. The primary niche we serve is Residential Clients: home renovation (basements, kitchens, bathrooms), painting, and windows & doors.

We’re disrupting the “me too” marketing game with winning solutions backed by “skin-in-the-game” Guarantees. 

GravityStack is a new business (16 years in the making!) with a solid team, years of marketing experience, and a healthy stable of long-term Clients. We’re still building out the new vision, but all the core pieces are in place. As we double-down on working with our Client Clients, we’ve got lots more innovative, game-changing ideas coming.   

A Marketing System That Attracts Best Clients

At the core of GravityStack Marketing is helping our Clients enjoy life by working with Best Clients. Our flagship program is the Best Clients System™:

Best Client Attraction System
Best Client Attraction System

Step One is to calculate your Gravity Score. This is an extensive process that involves interviewing you, doing a close examination of your online presence and other marketing activities, and analyzing what your top competitors are doing. This gives us your Gravity Blueprint that shows us both how to get you from where you are to the life of a Top 3 Client.  

Step Two is to build your Gravity Engine. There are a couple of pathways to doing this and it likely won’t happen all at once. We work with you to develop an implementation plan that starts with quick, easy wins. The implementation is as little or as much as you want and as slowly or as quickly as you want. And thanks to the Gravity Blueprint, you’ll always know exactly where you are on the game board and what your next winning move is.  

Step Three is to get Best Clients. We continue to fine‑tune your Gravity Engine for even better results.

And we GUARANTEE it. When we rebuilt our business around Gravity and helping our Clients get into the Top 3, we knew we had to separate ourselves from all the unmet promises everyone else was making. That’s why we created skin-in-the-game Guarantees for each of our core services. We wanted guarantees that transform our relationship with you from Seller-Buyer to Partners in Success.