Life’s Better With Best Clients

Being a Market Leader is much more than ego stroking. It means a major shift in the ease of doing business. The game turns on its head, from you chasing customers to the Best Clients seeking you out. And because they’ve come to you, the competition for their business is dramatically less. Close rates go way up!

Let’s see what it takes to become a Market Leader and how to get there…

Life's better when you're working with the Best Customers

The Top 3 Get 80% of the Best Clients

The Top 3 Professionals in your city have an unfair advantage. It’s unfair because the Top 3—regardless of how good they are—get 80% of the Best Clients.

To be a Market Leader, you need to be in the Top 3.

Pick & Choose Only The Best Clients

When you’re a Top 3, you have enough deal flow that you get to pick & choose to work only with the Best Clients and leave all the nit-picky, annoying, cheap Clients to everybody else.

  • Easy to work with
  • Happy to pay & pays on time
  • Respects your experience and advice
  • Bigger, higher margin jobs
  • Showcase projects that lead to referrals

Grav·i·ty noun | ˈgra-və-tē

: the market force that draws the Best Clients to you.

What’s The “It” That Makes You A Market Leader?

the "it" that makes you a Market Leader

Well, it’s a lot of things. Being good at your craft is just the price of admission. By our (current) count, there are 78 important factors, some more important than others. We’ve organized those factors into 3 building blocks that stack together: Strategy, Funnel, and Traffic. Together, they determine how much Gravity you have.

To make working on all those factors simple, we’ve developed a game changing algorithm that calculates your Gravity Score. It becomes your step-by-step blueprint for becoming (and staying) a Market Leader.

Build Your GravityStack

It takes more than just a pretty website to have the Gravity necessary to be a Market Leader. If you want to compete at that level, there are 3 essential building blocks that must be put in place: Strategic, Conversion and Traffic.

Here are some examples of what might go into those building blocks:


  • Your market
  • Why you?
  • Brand


  • Website / Landing Pages
  • Offer(s)
  • Conversion Optimization


  • Local SEO
  • Google Ads

GravityStack Marketing offers a complete stack of Digital Marketing Solutions designed specifically for Local Professionals. Whether you’re just wanting a great online presence or you’re ready to be a Market Leader, we’ve got solutions tailored for you.

Put Your Gravity Stack To Work

Building and maintaining your market leadership isn’t a “set it and forget it” sport. Once we calculate your Gravity Score and build your Gravity Stack, it’s time to turn on the engine and start attracting the Best Clients to you.

Each month, we work to increase your Gravity Score. We test new ideas and review the results. This lets us attract more Best Clients faster.

What’s Your Gravity Score?

Find Out What It Takes To Get The Best Clients

The Top 3 Professionals in your city have an unfair advantage (gravitational pull) in the market. It’s unfair because the Top 3—regardless of how good they are—get 80% of all the Best Clients.

Your Gravity Score tells you how much gravitational pull you currently have in your market—how likely you are to attract the Best Clients. It’s also your marketing blueprint. It shows you exactly what you need to work on and in what order to achieve coveted Top 3 status.

My Gravity Score
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