Life’s Better With Best Clients

When your marketing is in the Top 3, you get 80% of the Best Clients.
And that advantage profoundly improves your business life.

(More Clients) X (Best Clients) =
Best Clients Advantage!

Top 3 Professionals have the Gravity that transforms their business with: 1) More Clients and
2) the ability to pick & choose only the Best Clients. And when that happens, you’re
doing circles around the competition! That’s the Best Clients Advantage!

Advantage 1: More Clients (Quantity)

The Top 3 Professionals in your city have an unfair advantage.
It’s unfair because the Top 3—regardless of how good you are—get 80% of the Best Clients.
Everybody else has to compete for the leftovers.

Advantage 2: Pick & Choose Only The Best Clients (Quality)

When you’re a Top 3 Professional, you have the
deal flow that let’s you pick & choose only the Best Clients. You get to
say “NO” to all the cheap, annoying Clients that everybody gets stuck with.

  • Easy to work with
  • Happy to pay & pays on time
  • Respects your experience and advice
  • Higher margin

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(Most) web agencies are quick to sell you a pretty website. Quick to sell you a Google Ads campaign. Quick to do SEO. The problem is your RESULTS are going to suck. And they know it, but they’re not going to tell you that.


Maybe they don’t want to talk you out of the sale? Maybe they don’t have the marketing chops to deliver Results? Maybe they don’t have the emotional intelligence to tell you the truth? Maybe they just don’t know any better?

Sadly, the web design industry suffers from many blind spots. As a result, it’s an industry fraught with websites that “don’t work” and agencies that:

  • are caught up in design (rather than Results),
  • don’t really understand lead generation (but will run Google Ads for you),
  • suffer from “shiny object syndrome” (and forget the fundamentals),
  • are more comfortable with technology (and don’t answer the phone to talk to a fellow human),
  • confuse creative design with RESULTS (and think websites are “art projects” instead of marketing funnels)

It’s not to say they’re bad people. Most are very likeable, highly skilled, and well intentioned. But sadly they suffer from these same blind spots that are pervasive in the industry. We suffered from many of the same blind spots.

That’s Why We Developed Gravity Score

Your Gravity Score forces us both to see the truth about your marketing, eliminating those blind spots. It shines a bright light on each of the critical factors necessary to win online. It’s your map to getting into the Top 3 where you get your unfair share: 80% of the Best Clients.

That’s why Step 1 in our Best Clients Advantage System™ is to calculate your Gravity Score.

Gravity Gets You The Best Clients Advantage

How Your Gravity Score Leads The Way to Top 3

To be a Local Professional with a Top 3 marketing presence, takes a lot of things. But being good at what you do is just the beginning. By our count, there are 78 distinct factors, some more important than others.

Everyone else focuses on only a few of those factors and wonder why their marketing results suck. We had that problem too until we had an epiphany: we developed a game-changing algorithm that brings all those factors into a single score, your Gravity Score.

3 Gravity Blocks that stack together: Strategy, Funnel, and Traffic

Your Gravity Score becomes your step-by-step
Blueprint For Enjoying The Best Clients Advantage.

What Goes Into Your Gravity Score?

We Run On Gravity

Grav·i·ty noun | ˈgra-və-tē

: the market force that draws the Best Clients to you.

It All Comes Together In Our Flagship Service:
The Best Clients Advantage System™

Step 1: Calculate Gravity Score

Calculate your Gravity Score which tells us exactly what needs to be done to get you into the Top 3, your Gravity Blueprint.

Step 2: Build Gravity Engine

We systematically implement your Gravity Blueprint and use Results to continuously grow your Gravity.

Step 3: Get Best Clients

When we get your Gravity Score to an “A”, you’re one of the Top 3 who gets 80% of the Best Clients. Life is good.

And it starts with first figuring out your Gravity Score…

What’s Your Gravity Score?

Find Out What It Takes To Get The Best Clients

The Top 3 Professionals in your city have an unfair advantage in the market. It’s unfair because the Top 3—regardless of how good you are—get 80% of all the Best Clients.

Your Gravity Score tells you how much gravitational pull you currently have in your market. It’s also your marketing blueprint that shows you exactly what you need to work on and in what order to achieve coveted Top 3 status and get the Best Clients Advantage.

My Gravity Score