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Life's Better with Best Clients

Life’s Better
With Best Clients

Become The Professional of Choice in your city and
get your unfair share: The Top 3 Get 80% of the Best Clients.

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The Dirty Little Secret They Don’t Want You To Know About

the advertising hamster wheel

Did you know that there’s a dirty little secret in the web design industry? The web design industry is full of “Me Too” Advertising that may look good but wastes your hard-earned marketing dollars, and they know it!

We know because, until recently, we were one of them!

The problem with “me too” advertising is that it traps you into getting average results; no one breaks out. You keep running on the hamster wheel of advertising thinking you’ll get somewhere. But, we all know how that turns out: no matter how hard you run, you don’t get anywhere.

When everyone is merely doing variations of the same thing—which they are—you become just another nondescript apple in the basket. Who gets picked becomes more about luck than talent

I call that “choice blur”. The insidious truth is that there’s a dysfunctional dynamic between Clients who think “pretty” or “clever” is what they need and marketing agencies who prefer taking your money over telling you the harsh truth. (they either coward from telling you the truth, don’t know any better, or simply prefer to cash your cheque!). It all ends up in a lot of wasted money.

80% of the Best Clients go to the Top 3

The Harsh Truth: It’s Unfair!

Here’s the thing: We’d like to think that all the worthy businesses get their “fair” share of Clients, but the harsh reality is it doesn’t work that way. Not in the slightest. The flow of Clients is NOT distributed in a “fair” bell curve.

The reality is that The Top 3 businesses in each category are scooping up 80% of the Best Clients. It’s an unfair distribution, heavily skewed in favour of the Top 3. 

When you’re one of these
Top 3, we call you The Professional of Choice. You are in the enviable position of Best Clients choosing you over everyone else.

We’re Disrupting
“Me Too” Advertising
With The

Game-Changing “Gravity Score” Algorithm

The good news is we’ve developed a proven, ethical system that lets you: 

YES Answers “Why you?” in a way that turns heads
YES Stand Out to your Best Clients
YES Turns away the “tire kickers” and people looking for free or cheap.

 It’s called the Best Clients System™ and it’s based on the game-changing
Gravity Score” algorithm we developed.

Best Clients System for Lead Generation

Hi, my name is Scott Gingrich. 

Scott Gingrich

I’m the Chief Marketing Strategist and CEO at GravityStack Marketing Inc., a small but mighty team based in Sudbury, ON. 

Up until a couple of years ago, we were guilty of being part of the “me too” advertising industry. That is until we developed our game-changing algorithm. It became blazingly obvious to us that staying in the “me too” world was no longer an option. So, we rebooted, refocused, and renamed our entire company around the Gravity Score algorithm. 

In developing our algorithm, I ran our Clients through it, tweaking the factors and weighting until it predicted—every time—whether a business was a Top 3 Player or struggled

Game changer!

Not only does it predict who will attract the Best Clients, it cuts through all the Bullsh*t of “me too” advertising and tells it like it is. No more guessing.

With the Gravity Score algorithm, you get the Blueprint that gets you to the coveted Top 3 Position where you are The Professional of Choice in your city. That means getting the unfair share of Best Clients.

We’re on a Mission to
Get Local Professionals The Clients They Deserve.

At the heart of GravityStack is our game-changing “Gravity Score Algorithm” that
gets you the unfair share of Best Clients. These are the
Clients who happily pay more and refer you because they RESPECT you.

Our Secret Sauce

And, we took it one step further…

Strategically, we chose to focus on Local Professionals, especially ones with teams that need to be kept profitably booked.

Takes the guesswork out.

Instantly tap into the rich set of ad campaign templates, keywords, landing pages, and messaging that we know works.

Skips the expensive learning curve.

When you work with a generalist web design company, you get a “pretty website” that gives mediocre results. When you work with a company that has strategically chosen to specialize in RESULTS for Local Professionals, you get a website and ad campaigns that keep evolving with collective experience.

Keeps you out front.

Benefit from what we’re learning from our marketing tests from all the other Counsellors we’re working with. We’ll bring those lessons back to your ads, landing pages, and messaging, keeping you out front.

A Marketing Cooperative

We think of our niche strategy like a Marketing Cooperative where our Clients—you—directly benefit from the learning and experience we get from all the other Local Professionals we work with. As we learn, we evolve the Gravity Score algorithm that makes you The Professional of Choice. It’s a virtuous circle.

That’s our secret sauce!

But this isn’t for everyone. We’re specifically looking to partner with Local Professionals who:

  • Are the “Real Deal” meaning that you’re great at what you do. 
  • Have a competitive desire to win and be The Professional of Choice in your city. 
  • Can put aside “me too” advertising thinking and be open to consider new ways of showing up online. 
  • Want RESULTS to drive your decision making. 
  • Participate in helping us understand who your Best Clients are and track the results of our work together. 
  • Are eager to be part of our “marketing co-operative” where you benefit from our collective experiments and real-world results.

WARNING: First Come, First Served. For ethical reasons, some of our services (like Google Ads) are restricted to working with ONE Professional per category per city. In these cases, we offer EXCLUSIVITY within a 10Km radius.

Guaranteed Results

Results, Guaranteed.

Each of our core services is backed by a “Skin-in-the-Game” Guarantee because we want to be your Partners in Success.

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The Magic of Client Flow

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  • The damning confession that freed us from the “Me Too” hamster wheel and lead to an industry-leading algorithm for winning online.
  • How the 4 components of the Best Clients System™ creates a virtuous circle of results that creates an impenetrable moat around your business.